My Sand Castle



The sand castle i make, with my soft hands. The most important thing to me at the time. With the beach full of jolly people around, sharing happiness and having fun, I am still busy making my own world. The world that has a big tomb of sand showing its greatness. A huge palace garden at the front where i would play with my friends. A castle with all the comforts and relieve. A lake with ducks and trees with parrots and sparrows. I am still busy making my world whole day, with people around having a good play. And then that giant came suddenly, moving towards me very quickly. With his mammoth-like appearance it made me sad, taking all that i built away. In a moment it disappeared, the very sand castle i made with my heart. I watched the waves going back, to the infinite sea where everything is lost.

Coming Back to life

I took a heavenly ride through our silence,

I knew the moment had arrived,

For killing the past and COMING BACK TO LIFE


It was a pleasant and beautiful morning to a cold day. Breathing the fresh air, i thought about past few months of my life in a way that i never did before. Of all those miserable feelings that occupied my mind related to some or the other mishaps (according to me) seemed to me as a joke that day. Slowly i forgot everything and instead of thinking about the consequences I was into, started looking at what i am today and how i reached there.

Often the problem to a sad situation is the root to itself. The feeling of peace and happiness adds up new dimensions to a persons life. This state of peace offers a person: the “heavenly ride” to self-build their own selves. I realized i was stuck into something that was never gonna happen. Into something that took away charm within me.  This LOVE factor comes with a life changing  package in life. It takes you to the door of heaven and falls you back to the ground. Thinking to myself such things that morning, i resumed the silences we both had together.

With all those things i missed with her, to the things that urged me to cry – gave a sense of nothingness to me. What i used to do was sit and think, and think, and think. It is dangerous when mind thinks of past and future, without the sense of present. Music was the friend. My best friend. Months passed by and then i came up to the phrase above: “Killing the past and coming back to life” 

The moment – COLD MORNING AND THE MUSIC changed me. I thought to myself “THIS IS IT” . And just like that, my life changed. I loved the birds chirping that day, the bright sunlight falling on the dew of leaves and dripping water, the cycling milkman, kids leaving for school and most importantly myself.  I felt peace, i was happy with a strange reason (the same for which i was so sad).

Those very words did it for me: FOR KILLING THE PAST AND COMING BACK TO LIFE

Extreme Levels

Eat like a giant, Sleep like a lion, Play with a fool and work like an ant.

There is this nature of an extremist i am talking about. Doing anything is fun, productive and worth doing. There is nothing in this life that waste your time.

Man is a machine built to EAT, SLEEP and WORK. Do all these things with utmost belief, efforts and interest. Success and moving forward in life is sure.


It is like when you sit down with utmost belief, most confidence and you surely know that things you are doing are surely correct, a deep epiphany happens to you and you are stuck. Suddenly you realize “YOU DID IT WRONG” and then this feeling of being dejected hovers over your head. All it takes to sit down for hours and doing it wrong is like a slap on the face.

But hey, there is something to laugh about the situation. You found out you were so stupid working upon the same thing that you tried to make it happen for hours. Sometimes it is so difficult to know where we are actually going through and by the time we realize we find our self lagging far behind.

So, what to do about it? There is nothing we can do about it. Because such situations takes away TIME from us, the most valuable dimension in existence. What is leaves behind is the spirit of trying again and doing the same things differently. The new spirit is always energizing, inspiring, and fresh. Lets get started again with the new charm on the face, as if nothing bad has happened. As if all that has happened never mattered.

As if you were never stuck.


ImageA strong idea or a thought always leads to great enthusiasm, want and a zeal to do something. Most of which deteriorate in the span of time. I have been wondering if those thoughts are so strong enough that they does not let people sleep for the moment or even days post that, what is the cause of such happenings?

Now, there is something that is called the excitement to be in the state where we are not. A lately realization about that very thought and idea is not real, and many such obligations that negate the possibilities of these thoughts. Such cases are most of the times a reason to abandon these. On the contrary, there is one more thing that kills some of the brilliant ideas and innovative thoughts.


Even the best of the thoughts and ideas are useless until and unless put into action. The same thing happens to many of us. People with want to become successful always think about ideas that are out of the box and appreciative, but fail to implement it. If i try to relate most successful people with the not so successful ones, i believe they did not have different ideas, all they did was to take the first steps and get the things done. Men is a defensive creature. In the end all it ends with is some or the other reason, no time, no resources, lack of few things etc.

With my past very intense experiences I thought of coming onto few conclusions that may relate to most of the people. I started observing and tried to find out few possible ways that can keep these ideas intact and encourage people to work upon them.

  1. Power of Determination: Once we start thinking about the end results of the small seeds of ideas and find a bright future out of it, that desire to reach “THE END” drives us with the power of determination. 
  2. Nothingness: Sitting idle and doing nothing may lead to take steps towards some lately thought or ideas. Often such actions are not so aligned with the WHY of a persons desire to work upon the idea.
  3. Realizations: After a long time when people feel about the validity of the idea and how these can help them in the current retarded phase of their life. Often people tend to get back to these ideas and start working upon them with an intent to improve at what currently they are facing.

Whatever said and done, the only possible act that can help people to start implementing their ideas and thoughts to bring about a positive change in them is the power of determination. Taking the first steps as said by many is the hardest part of any process. Missing these steps is like missing a chance and loosing a big deal. The fact that people learn from their own mistakes and these mistakes happen once we try and DO something. Take the first steps of those very thoughts buried inside you. Who knows they can be a life changing decisions and efforts for you.