Something so beautiful

Today, i will just talk about something. Something that can never be described. Something that has never been seen, which never inhabited somebody. Something that possess no materialism, yet seems so real that can uproot the most rigid and prevailed thoughts within you.

That something so beautiful, called LOVE.

Love, responsible for the small glowing eyes, smiling heart, tinkling stomach, and being in the very present.

In the middle of an unsettled sleep, when the subconscious plays the most melodious songs emerging from the far end of the corner, you realize you have left the headphones on. Often the same things happen so many times. Not to mention the reasons that allows you to put them on while you go to sleep. The habit so common in the teenage. A big smile on the face, listening to the same songs before going to sleep reminds you of something, something so beautiful. Something called Love.

Conversations with a person, so intense that it postpones all the pending tasks. The reason, or the topics may be so lame for third person, who feels so stupid about the same, may seem to be bigger than the most important things in the world. Those are the happy moments, of cries, laughter, fights, discussions, anger, dispute, friendship, relationship and love. They leave you in the midst of an overwhelming feeling of flattery for the person. This is the moment, something so beautiful. Something called Love.

The most rewarding and satisfying feeling of responsibility for someone, when at an age where you cannot even define yourself. Entangled with turmoil, anxiety and newness is the feeling for someone so definitive, that you care for the same with all your deeds. The first steps from an early morning call to the good night kiss and bye, is the time, you feel responsible and care for the person. Such is this small feeling that makes you forget yourself and dedicate yourself towards someone so special for you. Such is this feeling, something so beautiful. Something called Love.

Something sad, yet it doesn’t matter. When the rest of the world, goes beyond your reach. All the other friends seem to come out of somewhere so strange that can never applaud your work, thoughts or actions. All you can think of is just one thing, person, feeling, that constantly beeps in the mind. All that matters is the moment, the conversations, the phone calls and being together. People may see you trapped and appropriated by the evil, but you make the the small world the integral part of your new life. Such is something so beautiful. Something called Love.

I couldn’t have found the words to describe such a beautiful feeling, but I am now sure that Love is beyond such words that you strive to find for while you describe it. Living with it is a pride and a state of well being, something that touches you deep within.

Love is beautiful.

Thank You to Someone so Beautiful 🙂

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