Together in Love

Together in Love

Humility, gentleness and patience: these are different manifestations of love. By humility we accept our brokenness and woundedness; we don’t try to hide it from others or ourselves. In the same way, we accept others woundedness and brokenness. We are all trying to cope with our burdens. We are all the same. We need the patient and loving support of each other. We must bear with each other when we are struggling with our burdens. Among our burdens are the fear of failure, the need to prove ourselves, other irrational irritations and frustrations.. When we discover them, in all humility we accept them. We can also accept others failures. We bear these burdens with patience and gentleness. This is love.

When we are upset, instead of fighting against it or trying to deny it or suppress it, we give ourselves permission to feel what we feel, we accept our feeling fully; we say to ourselves: “It is all right to feel that way”(feelings are morally neutral; neither good nor bad); or if we cannot accept our feeling we accept our inability to accept. This is gentle and patient acceptance of ourselves. This is love. We do the same with others. Somebody is upset. We don’t know why or we know why (at least partially). We give full permission to that person to feel the way he or she does. He or she is trying to cope with his/her burden. The best way to help that person to do so is accept him/her in his/her moment of weakness, to accept that person with humility, gentleness and patience. This is love. There will be many such occasions when we support each other in love, or bear with each other charitably, or bear each other’s burdens. This is a concrete way of living the commandment of love. Where there is such love, there is peace.

Accept and love each other totally and unconditionally.

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