Living Alone

They tell you, you are too dependent on your parents. That you cannot even do a single thing without them. All you do is sit and everything is in your hands. Anything you do is just one another burden for your mom. I am really very sure, nobody of us will agree to this if said so. Our acts and tendencies are only dependent on the fact that we like to be praised and not criticized.

Some of them tell themselves, it is just the time that i live along with parents for which i am like this. Rest, i am a self dependent guy. I believe, such a fake self confidence do they have when they talk this. 


All i know about being alone is that everything you can imagine, the way you used to live, your dependencies, non-dependencies changes. And then you come to know the real life. The life without a family, a strange unfamiliar one that may take you away anywhere. There you face this feeling of knowing about yourself. You explore not the world, but the person within you. Hard times are then, which makes you self dependent. 

However there is one thing that is so strong that keeps you intact, that makes you the actual you as you are. The one thing is LOVE. Love of the loved ones.




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