My Sand Castle



The sand castle i make, with my soft hands. The most important thing to me at the time. With the beach full of jolly people around, sharing happiness and having fun, I am still busy making my own world. The world that has a big tomb of sand showing its greatness. A huge palace garden at the front where i would play with my friends. A castle with all the comforts and relieve. A lake with ducks and trees with parrots and sparrows. I am still busy making my world whole day, with people around having a good play. And then that giant came suddenly, moving towards me very quickly. With his mammoth-like appearance it made me sad, taking all that i built away. In a moment it disappeared, the very sand castle i made with my heart. I watched the waves going back, to the infinite sea where everything is lost.

4 thoughts on “My Sand Castle

  1. hey, i’m an grad student in istanbul technic, we have a lesson called architecture design theory, can i use your sand castle image for a booklet cover, i’ll put your name and your writing also..

    1. Hello!! I am glad you liked it. Yes, you can surely use the image as it is from the web only. But the writing is my own so it is great that you are planning to put my writing and my name along. All the best for your booklet. 🙂

      1. Hurray,… 😀 okay, no writing! Thank you!! this web content is ok for me, but maybe a bigger picture or some other shots would be better, what do you think?

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