Coming Back to life

I took a heavenly ride through our silence,

I knew the moment had arrived,

For killing the past and COMING BACK TO LIFE


It was a pleasant and beautiful morning to a cold day. Breathing the fresh air, i thought about past few months of my life in a way that i never did before. Of all those miserable feelings that occupied my mind related to some or the other mishaps (according to me) seemed to me as a joke that day. Slowly i forgot everything and instead of thinking about the consequences I was into, started looking at what i am today and how i reached there.

Often the problem to a sad situation is the root to itself. The feeling of peace and happiness adds up new dimensions to a persons life. This state of peace offers a person: the “heavenly ride” to self-build their own selves. I realized i was stuck into something that was never gonna happen. Into something that took away charm within me.  This LOVE factor comes with a life changing  package in life. It takes you to the door of heaven and falls you back to the ground. Thinking to myself such things that morning, i resumed the silences we both had together.

With all those things i missed with her, to the things that urged me to cry – gave a sense of nothingness to me. What i used to do was sit and think, and think, and think. It is dangerous when mind thinks of past and future, without the sense of present. Music was the friend. My best friend. Months passed by and then i came up to the phrase above: “Killing the past and coming back to life” 

The moment – COLD MORNING AND THE MUSIC changed me. I thought to myself “THIS IS IT” . And just like that, my life changed. I loved the birds chirping that day, the bright sunlight falling on the dew of leaves and dripping water, the cycling milkman, kids leaving for school and most importantly myself.  I felt peace, i was happy with a strange reason (the same for which i was so sad).

Those very words did it for me: FOR KILLING THE PAST AND COMING BACK TO LIFE

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