ImageA strong idea or a thought always leads to great enthusiasm, want and a zeal to do something. Most of which deteriorate in the span of time. I have been wondering if those thoughts are so strong enough that they does not let people sleep for the moment or even days post that, what is the cause of such happenings?

Now, there is something that is called the excitement to be in the state where we are not. A lately realization about that very thought and idea is not real, and many such obligations that negate the possibilities of these thoughts. Such cases are most of the times a reason to abandon these. On the contrary, there is one more thing that kills some of the brilliant ideas and innovative thoughts.


Even the best of the thoughts and ideas are useless until and unless put into action. The same thing happens to many of us. People with want to become successful always think about ideas that are out of the box and appreciative, but fail to implement it. If i try to relate most successful people with the not so successful ones, i believe they did not have different ideas, all they did was to take the first steps and get the things done. Men is a defensive creature. In the end all it ends with is some or the other reason, no time, no resources, lack of few things etc.

With my past very intense experiences I thought of coming onto few conclusions that may relate to most of the people. I started observing and tried to find out few possible ways that can keep these ideas intact and encourage people to work upon them.

  1. Power of Determination: Once we start thinking about the end results of the small seeds of ideas and find a bright future out of it, that desire to reach “THE END” drives us with the power of determination. 
  2. Nothingness: Sitting idle and doing nothing may lead to take steps towards some lately thought or ideas. Often such actions are not so aligned with the WHY of a persons desire to work upon the idea.
  3. Realizations: After a long time when people feel about the validity of the idea and how these can help them in the current retarded phase of their life. Often people tend to get back to these ideas and start working upon them with an intent to improve at what currently they are facing.

Whatever said and done, the only possible act that can help people to start implementing their ideas and thoughts to bring about a positive change in them is the power of determination. Taking the first steps as said by many is the hardest part of any process. Missing these steps is like missing a chance and loosing a big deal. The fact that people learn from their own mistakes and these mistakes happen once we try and DO something. Take the first steps of those very thoughts buried inside you. Who knows they can be a life changing decisions and efforts for you.

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